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Voter Mailbag

Your Vote Matters Stickers (250 Sticker Roll)

Your Vote Matters Stickers (250 Sticker Roll)

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This is one roll of 250 stickers

COMPACT SIZE: Measuring just 1 inch by 1 inch, these stickers are small enough to fit on various surfaces without being obtrusive, making them versatile for placement on laptops, water bottles, notebooks, and more.

VIBRANT DESIGN: The bold and eye-catching design ensures that the message "Your Vote Matters" is easily visible and attention-grabbing, sparking conversations and inspiring voter engagement wherever it's displayed.

DURABLE MATERIAL: Made with high-quality materials, these stickers are built to last, ensuring that your message remains intact and visible for an extended period, even with frequent use and exposure to various environments.

PROMOTE CIVIC ENGAGEMENT: More than just a sticker, these serve as a powerful tool to encourage voter participation and promote the importance of every individual's voice in the democratic process, making it an essential accessory for postcard writers, activists, voters, and anyone passionate about civic engagement.

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